Our Code

Our Code. 

As a member of the Guild of Security Industry Professionals, you are not only an ambassador for the Guild, but for the UK security industry as a whole. You are a committed Security Professional that understands the vital importance of the role you perform and should carry out your duties to the best of your ability, to reflect honour on the Guild, on the Industry, and upon yourself. 

Your role as a “Protector” is a just and worthy endeavour, and this should never be forgotten. Seek to enlighten and inform those that may be ignorant of the critical duties you perform, and the immense responsibility you carry. 

The UK Security industry offers many career paths and opportunities. As a member of the Guild, and a professional, you should work to develop your skills and knowledge, to advance your career, and fulfil your potential.

The Guild encourages your personal career development and provides a peer support network to inform, assist and advise you at every stage. 

We will assist those that wish to progress to management roles, and those that want to develop their front-line abilities, to be the best and most effective professional security officer possible, in the sector they choose. 

Always remember that as a member of the Guild of Security Industry Professionals, you are actively playing a part in the improvement and evolution of the security industry, as the Guild will tirelessly work to gain the appreciation, respect

and indeed, the reward that you deserve!