Newsletter - Spring 2021

Since launching in August 2020, GSIP has been working quietly in the background networking and building relationships with individuals, groups and organisations. We all share the common goal of improvements in the security industry. The mood of many and the willingness to break down traditional barriers and cooperate like never before means that the momentum for change is now unstoppable. The perennial problem remains communicating with front line security officers. It is very important that we get information about industry initiatives in progress for their benefit, promoted by various organisations, ‘out there’!

“Security officers represent the largest section of the security industry, but are the least represented. The Guild seeks to redress this issue and provide a peer support network to enhance the career development of individual members and work to improve the security industry in general.” 

Michael O’Sullivan, Guild co-founder

Our main focus is to benefit UK based front-line security officers and admin/support staff, both SIA licensed and in-house colleagues

To move forward with our aims cross industry support will be needed. In order to help promote this cross industry support we are also accepting applications from supervisors, managers, students on security related training courses, company owners, security commentators & journalists, account managers and industry suppliers. Although as a general rule we do not accept non-UK based applicants’ exceptions can be made for employees of UK based businesses or official international agencies such as embassies. Guild applications are accepted entirely at our discretion.

Although we offer different application routes the easiest way to apply remains to supply a valid SIA license number which is then checked against the SIA register of license holders at

Violence Against Security

It’s no secret that the levels of violence against security workers in the UK have, and continue to be, very high.

Indeed, if the levels of violence against security workers occurred in any other sector of employment it would amount to a national scandal. Security workers are no less deserving of protection from violence than any other group.

The editorial team at ‘Working the Doors’ have published a must-read article ‘Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act 2018’:

“There are an estimated 400,000 front line security officers in the UK. The Guild of Security Industry Professionals creates a huge opportunity to represent many of these ‘forgotten’ professionals. It will provide a voice to campaign for improved standards and will work hard to change perceptions of security officers in the eyes of the public.”

Rollo Davies, Guild co-founder & Managing Editor of The Professional Security Officer Magazine which links to a petition ‘Add SIA licensed security staff to the Assaults on Emergency Workers’ Act 2018:

Stories about assaults on security workers regularly appear in various media. Unfortunately, they raise an eyebrow, then disappear off our screens.

We’ve launched a new blog ‘Violence Against Security, Raising awareness of the high levels of violence against security workers!’ @  

The blog lists news stories that can be searched by key word category. Due to resource issues, we don’t plan to include historical information at the moment. This will be constantly under review.

If you would like to help the project please use the form on the contact page to send us information that we might have missed. The stories we post are sure to be only the tip of the iceberg!

Locked down again!

Security industry to reset perceptions of security officers in the public domain

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA), has joined forces with the Security Institute and the Security Commonwealth to run an awareness campaign to highlight the essential role that Security Officers play in public life and to increase respect and recognition for their capabilities

Major supermarkets in the UK have announced stricter policies will be enforced requiring shoppers entering their stores to wear face masks.

Security officers will be at the forefront of these efforts and it’s important that colleagues discuss with their employers how to keep themselves safe at work. You should also ensure that you are aware of action to take when faced with antagonistic people.

It’s important to set a good example. The day after the announcement of stricter enforcement started to appear in the press, I saw a colleague at a local supermarket wearing his facemask around his chin with his mouth and nose exposed.

This renders the mask useless and signals to shoppers that the rules are not being enforced.

COVID Testing

I was able to book a coronavirus lateral flow test via my local authority. It was easy to book, and the results, negative, were received within an hour.

On arrival at the testing centre, a 7-minute walk, I was handed a paper and 2 peel off labels. The paper contained instructions on registering the test – it needs to be registered online so take your smart phone and make sure it is charged! Once registered staff will ask to see the conformation screen so keep it open once completed.

From there follow staff instructions and you will be on your way home a few minutes later.

If you can’t work from home these tests are a welcome precaution and give peace of mind. Do not however be lulled into a false sense of security and become complacent!

Follow the advice to act like you and those around you have the virus and take the appropriate precautions. Also make sure to go to official sources of information and not random posts made on social media by people peddling conspiracy theories.

For more information on coronavirus lateral flow testing:

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The Professional Security Officer Magazine

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From our friends at the IFPO - Research Project 2020 

As world events continue to change, the IFPO is commissioning Perpetuity Research to conduct study to more clearly define the roles, responsibilities, and duties and task complexity of the Security Officer. This important research will focus on: 

  • Better understanding of the role and complexity of the security officer in our evolving culture in the 21st century
  • Development of current relevant educational opportunities to better address the outcome of the research 
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NSI launches E-learning security screening course

NSI launches E-learning security screening course

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has announced the launch of a new eLearning course to help NSI approved companies understand and apply the requirements of the revised Code of Practice BS 7858:2019 ‘Screening of Individuals Working in a Secure Environment’. The course is accredited by the Security Institute’s CPD Scheme: