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Name: Nicholas Bird
Profile: I am an SIA licensed frontline security operative who proudly works for Ward Security in the City of London. During my time at Ward Security I have helped secure the premises, assets and personnel of major international banks, brokerages and stock exchange companies. I have worked successfully both within teams and also as sole corporate security officer in charge of business complexes with a capacity of 800 personnel or more. I very much enjoy working for Ward Security, a highly professional company, my speciality is Front of House, where my aptitude is allowed to shine. Prior to working with Ward Security it was a privilege to work with the Ministry of Justice. Firstly at Clerkenwell and Shorditch County Court and Family Court and lastly within the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber, a tribunal jurisdiction that is a Superior Court of Record, all part of Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service, an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Justice. I gained invaluable experience working as a Court Usher and also within the Upper Tribunal Support Team. My security career started in May 2009 after graduating from the British Chauffeurs Guild London Security Chauffeurs Course. Here, I was trained in etiquette, traditions and the security requirements of chauffeuring. After attaining the required standard in all practical and theoretical examinations I was awarded the Diploma of Merit. I was then honoured to work as an independent executive security chauffeur with senior company executives, tv personalities and up and coming politicians as valued clients.