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Name: Aaron Barker
Accreditations: DipHE,FREC
Profile: I have been in the private security industry for nearly ten years with the prestigious Canary Wharf Group. I have rose through the ranks from officer,supervisor,coordinator and now inspector. I have worked and managed across various sectors of security for example retail,corporate (One Canada Sq), infrastructure and control room. I have managed and coordinated many incidents from major RTC, urban exploration groups, medical emergencies to name just a view. The above mentioned incidents have developed me as a manager and highlighted the importance of teams/staff. Before my security career started i was in the army for 6 half years where arose through the ranks to corporal and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan twice.The experiences within these deployments have molded me into the security professional i am now. I have undertaken level 4 certification and level 5 diploma security management course which i have passed and have just been accepted for my degree in security consultancy with Bucks university.