The Institute of Strategic Risk Management

Do you wish to increase you knowledge of Risk Management or do you want to develop your career in this fascinating and rewarding direction? Then The Guild of Security Industry Professionals would like to point you towards the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM). 

Founded by Dr David Rubens, the Institute is rapidly growing an international reputation for being the 'go to' organisation for those involved in, or seeking to develop a career within, the global Risk Management sector. With a healthy UK Chapter which includes many of the top names in the UK security industry, this is a hugely beneficial organisation to get involved with. One of the Guild Founders, Rollo Davies, is a Fellow of the ISRM, and an enthusiastic supporter. 

The ISRM has Chapters in fifteen countries, all of which have regular programmes of activities as well as offering  the opportunity to develop personal and professional networks across the full range of security and risk management sectors.  The membership is open to all and places emphasis on continuous professional development and sharing of good practice.   

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