Introduction to Body Worn Video (BWV) Cameras CPD Training – Open Access!
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    The use of body-worn video cameras (BWV) has become increasingly prevalent across law enforcement agencies, security firms, and various organizations seeking to capture critical footage for evidentiary purposes. However, the challenge arises when it comes to sharing this footage with external bodies, such as other law enforcement agencies or the court, while safeguarding individuals’ privacy and sensitive data. Recognizing the significance of data security and the need for a secure solution, Audax has developed a robust answer with its Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS).

    Audax DEMS features a standard Redaction functionality that addresses the intricate task of sharing footage with external entities while preserving privacy and data integrity. This invaluable feature empowers users to identify and redact specific sections of the footage, including faces, license plates, and other sensitive information. Once the redaction process is complete, the footage can be confidently exported and shared with external bodies, without compromising privacy or data security.

    Security is at the core of Audax DEMS, and the Redaction functionality is just one facet of the comprehensive security measures integrated into our system. From the moment data is captured by our BWV cameras to its export and sharing with external parties, our DEMS ensures end-to-end security for your data.

    In addition to Redaction, Audax DEMS employs cutting-edge encryption technology, user access controls, and tamper-proofing measures. These features work harmoniously to guarantee the utmost security for your data, protecting it against unauthorized access and tampering. Furthermore, our system is meticulously designed to align with GDPR regulations, ensuring that organizations remain fully compliant with EU data protection laws while sharing sensitive footage.

    The Redaction functionality within the Audax DEMS not only simplifies the process of sharing footage with external bodies but also serves as a safeguard against potential privacy breaches. By selectively redacting sensitive information, organizations can fulfill their obligations to protect individuals’ privacy and adhere to legal requirements.

    In conclusion, Audax DEMS offers a robust and secure solution for organizations that need to share BWV footage with external bodies without compromising the privacy of individuals or sensitive information. Our system provides end-to-end data security and GDPR compliance, empowering organizations to share footage with the utmost confidence. With Audax DEMS, the challenge of balancing the need for evidence sharing with data protection is met head-on, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure throughout its lifecycle.