Welcome to the Guild of Security Industry Professionals (GSIP)

GSIP is a Peer Support Network dedicated to serving individuals working on the frontlines of the UK security industry, as well as those who are looking to joining the industry. Our CPD and training opportunities offer both free access CPD training open to anyone as well as dedicated opportunities at discounted rates to GSIP members.

There are currently 10 open access courses, complete with certificate, available at: https://gsip.co.uk/courses/ (Registration is required)

Whether you are an experienced security professional seeking resources to enhance your skills and knowledge, or a newcomer eager to explore the possibilities within the industry, our website is designed with you in mind. Here, you will find a wealth of valuable information, networking opportunities, educational resources and articles. Standard GSIP Membership is free so join us in our mission to ehance CPD opportunities within the security industry.

“…An investment in knowledge pays the best interest….”

Benjamin Franklin

Operational Change: GSIP previously functioned as a trading name of Peer Publishing Ltd, through which TPSO Magazine is published. The company name ‘Guild of Security Industry Professionals Ltd’ had been dormant to safeguard the GSIP name, the company is now active and operaating as a seperate entity.